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555 Alter St. #14
Broomfield, Colorado, 80020

(720) 934-3104


Come and support Broomfield's elite CrossFit gym! CrossFit is for all ages, male and female, young and old. These constantly varied, functional movements performed at a high intensity will improve your mind and body. Come once and you will never turn back to the old, boring routines that consume the majority of the population.


athlete testimonials 



"I played sports through college and knew the benefits of having a “coach” to push me regularly and hold me accountable.  I have been working out with Graem for several months now and have seen great results.  I am starting to see muscles I haven’t seen in years, feel stronger, leaner and more confident.   It is hard to fit in workouts with the demands at work but Graem has been able to be flexible when needed.  I have many more goals to achieve but am confident that with consistency and Graem continuing to push me I will achieve all of them."   -Kris S.

"I credit Graem for changing my body, my mind set, and my life when it comes to fitness. I started training with him over a year ago and the results I’ve achieved are unbelievable. I’ve lost over 30 pounds of fat, and have gained over 18 pounds of muscle under his training. Since training, I have become noticeably stronger and self-confident. I lift weights 3-4 times a week, and run (yes run!) regularly each week, and the routine has become second nature now. Graem understands that it’s not just about the body, but the mind as well. He coaches you on both aspects, which I think is how he gets such great results from people. He also provides the right balance of pushing and supporting you along your individual fitness journey.  Since training with Graem, numerous people I know have started training with him too, and are also getting similar results. The one complaint I do have is I've had to buy smaller clothes. I've gone from an XL shirt size and 38 waist, to a 34 waist and medium shirt size."  -Paul B.


"I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I enjoy and learn in your classes.  Besides pushing us to our limits I really appreciate the focus you always put on form, posture, breathing and correct technique.  You really give everyone personal attention and help to ensure we are getting the most our of our workouts.  You truly care and we can tell!"  -Kristin G.

"I’ve taken 2 of your classes and these have been 2 of the best classes I’ve ever taken!  The workouts are well worth my time, they’re intense, you motivate, lead and encourage.  You also do a very good job to help those who are not as advanced and give them options to push themselves, but also allow those who want the intensity to get in a great workout. There’s a bunch of us around here who appreciate a great workout… I will definitely spread the word!"  -Katie C.


"I love going to Graem’s class because I feel amazing afterward.  Every time I finish class, I feel like I’ve pushed myself more than I ever have before.  Each day is something new and exciting.  I look forward to going to class after work.  I see myself getting stronger and my body changing, and this is exciting and rewarding for me.  Graem knows how to push me to my limits and get me motivated to work hard." -Julie B.

"So, Todd and I have been active at CFP for a week now. First WOD of the week...MURPH. Our first comment when we saw it was MURPH...isn't acceptable language for a public forum. Yesterday's WOD added to the pain. What do I love about Graem? Well, he embodies everything a coach should be. He is encouraging, has a great laugh (most of the time laughing when appropriate), yells "no rep, Deb" when necessary, and doesn't even flinch at the look of death I shoot his way! Seriously though, Todd and I have been to several gyms and were pretty attached to CrossFit Thin Air. We were concerned having visited other gyms that the feeling of good coaching combined with the sense of CrossFit family was something we were just never going to find again. We are so happy to say we have found it...and to use a Graemism...get out there and "embrace the suck"! 

Thanks for being our new family!!

-Deb and Todd B.