Fortis Vita Barbell Weightlifting Meet 11-10-18

Ready to test your Olympic Lifts?  We are ready to see it!

Join us November 10th at 10 am for our first (IN-HOUSE) Fortis Vita Weightlifting meet.  This is a non-sanctioned weightlifting meet where each athlete will get three attempts at Snatch and three attempts at Clean & Jerk.  Singlets are encouraged but not required.  Scoring will be based on the Sinclair Method, which takes into account the lifters age, weight and amount successfully lifted at the meet.  Yes, we will weight you in the morning of the event (in private).  All levels are welcomed and new lifters are encouraged to join.  Weightlifting meets are NOTHING like CrossFit competitions, but still fun all the same.  This meet is for CrossFit Profectus members only as we are just getting our feet wet in the weightlifting arena and want to ensure that our athletes are comfortable in this setting.

Get registered through this link: